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I am a business educator for over 20 years who has a true passion for business.  I enjoy sharing my passion with my students and fellow educators.  As an educator,  I advise a DECA chapter of over 150 members in which our students have won many district, state and national awards.  My favorite business authors are Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni, and Zig Ziglar.  I also really enjoy the Tom Fishburne marketing cartoons. I am actively involved in the community by being a member of a board of directors for a credit union with over $1 billion in assets. 


I am originally from Wisconsin but now currently reside with my wife and two children in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area.  When I am not teaching I enjoy coaching my son's hockey and baseball teams and supporting my daughter's competitive dance teams.  I am avid golfer, Packer fan, Badger fan, Wild fan and like to run half marathons in the summer months as well as spending time at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. 

Our job as educators is changing every single day and I really enjoy the challenge of trying to stay ahead of the curve. I also enjoy listening and learning from other educators regarding their successes and struggles.  No matter where you are in your career feel free to contact me to vent, seek advice, collaborate or celebrate.  

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I started creating an online text book because I was frustrated with book offerings from the traditional companies.  Not to mention the way students learn has changed as well.  Long are the days when students are asked to read 20 pages and then answer some questions at the end of the chapter. 


Students love to discuss and share their experiences which will ultimately makes your job as an educator more fun too!  Educators are in the service business and we must treat our customers (students) in a way that creates an amazing experience.  This book was created to help educators deliver a more valuable experience in their classroom.


I have three goals as an educator.  The first is that students learn, there is no bigger compliment to any educator when a student comes backs and tells you they used what you taught them in class at their job or outside of the classroom.  The next goal I have is to get the student to talk about the class I am teaching at home.  If students are doing this, they are learning and retention is happening.  Finally, I want to be the spark the gets students to want to major in business or start their own business. As I created this book, I kept these goals in mind for every chapter, assignment, project, etc...


This course has been tested as well as approved by students and the response has been extremely positive.  Students state how they like the videos, how the content gets to the point but yet is has more detail then they expected.  This book was created to act as a standalone book for a first year business class or a resource for many different business classes for any grade level. 

I also believe this book (and any book I create) is always a work in progress.  If there are learning targets you want to be added let me know and I will work on adding it to the course. 

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